John Mellencamp

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John Mellencamp (born 7 October 1951 in Seymour, Indiana) is an American singer and a songwriter, known for a long and successful recording and performing career highlighted by a series of 1980s hits, including "Jack & Diane", and by his role in the Farm Aid charity event. Mellencamp currently lives in Bloomington, Indiana.

John's first record released was under the stage name "Johnny Cougar" at the behest of Tony DeFries, his first manager. Mellencamp claims it was against his knowledge and will, and he hated the name. Read more on

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Life, Death, Love and Freedom (2008)
Freedom's Road (2007)
A Biography (2005)
Trouble No More (2003)
Cuttin' Heads (2001)
Skin It Back (2000)
Rough Harvest (1999)
John Mellencamp (1998)
Mr. Happy Go Lucky (1996)
Dance Naked (1994)
Human Wheels (1993)
Whenever We Wanted (1991)
Big Daddy (1989)
The Lonesome Jubilee (1987)
Scarecrow (1985)
Uh-Huh (1983)
American Fool (1982)
Nothin' Matters and What If It Did (1980)
John Cougar (1979)
The Kid Inside (1977)
Chestnut Street Incident (1976)
No Better Than This
Other People's Stuff
Performs Trouble No More Live at Town Hall
Plain Spoken
Rooty Toot Toot
Sad Clowns & Hillbillies
The Live Experience
Welcome to the Garage
Wild Night


Human Wheels (1993)
Get a Leg Up (1991)
Cherry Bomb
Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First)