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  • Neue Deutsche Haerte
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Megaherz is a German industrial-metal band prominent in the Neue Deutsche Härte scene. Originally formed in 1993, they have had numerous line-up changes, but continue with stable success.

Until 2002, the frontman of the band was Alexander Wesselsky, who left the group due to creative differences and formed the band Eisbrecher with Noel Pix, another old Megaherz member.
The next album "5" (2004) featured a new singer, Mathias Elsholz. He left in 2005 and is currently the singer of another group, Die!. Read more on

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Heuchler (2008)
Wer bist du (2005)
5 (2004)
Herzwerk II (2002)
Himmelfahrt (2000)
Kopfschuss (1998)


Himmelfahrt (2000)
Freiflug (1999)
Liebestöter (1998)
Rock Me Amadeus (1998)
Gott sein (1997)

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