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Important to know.

1. Register
In order to be able to use you have to create an account. Click the ‘free trial’ button on our homepage and enter a valid e-mail address. If you had received a promotion code, you can enter it here as well.

2. Activate account
You’ll receive an activation link by e-mail. Click the link in the e-mail to activate your account.

3. Configure account 
Your account has to be configured once. You can provide your personal password right now. Your e-mail address and password allow you to login from now on. You can always change your password under ‘My account’

Now, all left to do is configuring the recording feature to be able to record your music.

Make sure you check the three check boxes:
•    Automatic storage capacity (S or XL) for your MP3 songs, free of charge.*
•    Installing the recording feature and the encoding software.
•    Enable E-mail notification. This informs you when a track has been succesfully recorded by you.

Optionally, you can enter your favorite music genre here.

By clicking the ‘Next’ button, you’ll start the search for all of your favorite music! Now choose your music and the ZEEZEE Service will start right now!

Free Trial Account
With our free trial account, you have no limitations. Just check out our service and become a power user. Of course you can easily switch to other packages
during your trial period. And have in mind: All recorded MP3 are yours. You can keep them, even if you don't use our service after the trial period. On our homepage you’ll find more information about our packages and their features.

4. Select music
Find your favorite music in the charts, genres and themes or through the search engine. With our search engine you can search for artists, album or even single tracks. 

5. Fill up your Search list 
Just click the ‘REC’ button beside a track/album to place the selected tracks in your search list

6. Record music
When a track from your personal search list was found anywhere in the world (i.e. on a Internet radio station), your recorder will record/dub the song as a MP3 !

7. Store music
The recorded tracks are stored on your own personal server space in MP3 format. Always in excellent quality. From now on, you can listen to your favorite music whenever you want to! Wherever you want. Copy your MP3 to your favorite device (i.e. harddisc, MP3 player).

*Your personal storage capacity (s or XL for up to 250 Songs) and the recording feature are offered to you free of charge by our partner SpaceCo GmbH, Waiblingen.