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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This FAQ will answer most questions concerning the use of

What kind of service is is set to revolutionise the music industry. It enables you to find all your favourite music from legal sources like i.e. digital radio stations and you can record and store those music as MP3 in your personal webspace. Now it`s even easier to listen to all your favourite music, whenever and wherever you like, on a device you want.

Is recording of music lawful? observes international laws, i.e. Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). You are allowed to record your music for private purposes. ZEEZEE allows users to find their selected music and you can record your music as MP3. You can listen to your recorded music at a later time or use it in devices like MP3-Player. ZEEZEE is only meant for time shifting purposes. Our product falls in the same category as VCR's, DVR's, Tape Recorders, CD Burners, iPods/MP3 players, and other popular devices. 

What we do is try and help you find what you want, when you want it. 

How good is the quality of the music recorded

ZEEZEE editorial team checks selected sources like Internet radio stations in order to guarantee the quality of music you will record. The lowest quality is 128kBit/sec. The tracks recorded are complete, without jingles and without ramp talking.

Does find all music that exists?

The music can only be found if it is played somewhere on the Internet. As more popular a tracks your are looking for is, as bigger the change that your track will be played/broadcast somewhere shortly, meaning that they can be recorded by yourself. As there are lots of sources on the Internet, there are good chances that even rare tracks will be found. but be honest, we cannot guarantee that all choosen tracks will be found by ZEEZEE.

Do I have to install special software or plug-ins?
No additional software is required to be able to use You only have to register and set-up your accounts.

How does the music search list work?

Find your favorite music in the charts, genres and themes or through the search feature. Click the ‘REC’ button to place the selected tracks in your wish list. When a track from your personal wish list is broadcast on a selected Internet radio station around the world, your recorder will record it on your personal web storage and store it as MP3, if you had setup your account to do so. You can easily listen to your favourite music whenever and wherever you want - without any limitation.

How does the search feature work?

With the help of the search feature, the desired artist, title or album can be easily searched for. All search results are orderly displayed, after which the music can be placed into your personal search list with one simple mouse click. If you can't find a specific Artist/track please let us know (

When I wish to add a track to my search list, I receive a notification telling me to upgrade my account. What does that mean?

When this notification appears, you are looking for tracks that do not fall within your selected package, meaning that you should buy a different package. An overview of all packages and rates can be found at the rate overview.

How do I create an account?

With your free registration you create an account free of charge. You only need a valid e-mail address to create an account. For STAR account, you will be asked for additional personal details. For more information about the various packages, please visit our shop.

What happens if my account expires?

When your account is expired you access to ZEEZEE and its partnerservices will be denied. If you want to close your ZEEZEE account you should transfer your recorded music to a different storage media (i.e. your hard disk)

If you have any further questions, please contact the support team at